Lose Weight

Best Way to Lose Belly Fat


We have been told for so long the only way to lose weight is with diet foods and drinks, but the problem with that is with all the chemicals that are introduced into foods and drinks it makes them no longer good for us or for the many who end up with Diabetes.

The problem with the Blood sugar/insulin roller coaster is that insulin is a fat storing hormone, so whenever its released, the body stores fat that’s not what you want or need.

When the body releases too much insulin not only it makes you fatter it causes your blood sugars to drop making you hungry and unhappy, then you eat more processed foods and so the circle keeps going.

 TomatoChanging Eating Patterns

By altering the balance of fresh foods you consume you will be more likely be able to lose weight and increase your energy at the same time, increasing your energy levels makes exercise easier, and may help prevent some health problems. In my book Fresh is best, it has more flavor and just tastes so much better.

A healthy diet can also help reduce risks associated with high blood pressure and Diabetes.

The Information

A lot of the information out there can be a minefield of misinformation confusing most of us, its hard when you get different advice from everyone.

There are foods out there that can harm our health and most of those are processed foods full of chemicals that cause weight gain and allergies, its no wonder we feel like we are on a merry-go-round.

Many articles I have read contradict each other, they say “Diet” foods are good for you but when you read the labels they are full of artificial flavors that are not good for you, and they have little or no real food.

003Modern Food Stuffs

For years we have been told Margarine was better for you than butter to help you lose weight, but again that is also full of chemicals that lead to weight gain not weight loss.

Always read the label on a produce that you think is butter because it is not always pure butter.

So my observation is fresh fruits and vegetables when ever possible is best, often from the farmers stalls you see on the road side, or the fresh food section of your supermarket.

If you have the room to grow them in your own garden that would be best of all because you then control the way they are grown.



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